Monterey County Health Department Continues COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics for Health Care Workers butterfly

Published: Jan 11, 2021
On January 2, 2021, Monterey County Health Department, in conjunction with partnering agencies, launched the first COVID-19 vaccination clinics for health care workers.  These clinics will continue throughout the next few weeks.  Under California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan, Phase 1a Tiers I, II, and III prioritize health care workers as the first group to receive COVID-19 vaccine.

Monterey County Health Department is sharing information about the COVID-19 vaccine clinics with health care employers so that employers can identify and inform their health care workforce about upcoming clinics.  Unfortunately, in some instances, health care workers have inappropriately shared the clinic invitation with friends and family who are not health care workers. 

Monterey County Health Department calls upon all residents to help get our critical health care workforce vaccinated against COVID-19. As cases of COVID-19 surge statewide, our health care workforce must remain healthy themselves in order to care for the growing number of individuals requiring medical care and hospitalization.  When individuals who are not health care providers use up vaccine clinic appointments, it slows down the process and will take Monterey County longer to get to additional phases and tiers in California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan.

When vaccine supplies become more plentiful locally, Monterey County Health Department will move to Phase 1b of California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan.  The Health Department will inform the public when transitioning to additional phases and tiers, as well as how individuals in those groups can access COVID-19 vaccination services.  In the interim, it is important that individuals take steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 including avoiding gatherings with individuals outside of your home, wearing a face covering, washing hands frequently, and staying six feet apart from others while at work and in public.

For information about the phases and tiers of California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan, please visit the Monterey County Health Department’s COVID-19 Vaccine Information page.

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