The purpose of the Downtown Business Improvement District is to market and promote downtown Pacific Grove. The BID is an advisory board that is elected by members located in the downtown district. The board is approved and appointed by the Council. (See Reso No. 07-042.) There are 360 member-businesses that are licensed to do business in the downtown district.

Recent Projects:

  • Support Hotel Durrell, new hotel at 157 Grand Avenue
  • Purchased and display lanterns downtown during the Feast of Lanterns
  • Funded downtown directional signs
  • Produced spring, fall, and holiday promotional events
  • Maintained a downtown website
  • Hosted a downtown butterfly art project
  • Purchased flower baskets to beautify the downtown area
  • Advertising in local newspapers and magazines

Meetings, Minutes & AgendasAgendas are typically posted 72 hours prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted after they are approved. Agendas and minutes will be accessible on the website for approximately 24 months.

As per the City's retention policy, the current year and past 3 years agendas and minutes are published online. If you wish to find data prior to this timeframe, or supporting documents for an entry, you may contact the City Manager's Office or the BCC staff liaison whose contact information is in the left sidebar of this page. A member of staff will be able to assist in pulling information from City archives. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

04/05/2023 Regular Meeting Agenda
03/08/2023 Agenda Video
02/08/2023 Regular Meeting Agenda Video
01/04/2023 Regular Meeting Agenda Video
11/02/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Video
10/05/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Video
09/07/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Video
08/03/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Video
07/06/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes Video
06/01/2022 Regular Meeting-Canceled Agenda Minutes
05/04/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes Video
04/06/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes Video
03/02/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes Video
02/09/2022 Cancelled - Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
01/05/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
01/05/2022 Regular Meeting Agenda
11/03/2021 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
10/06/2021 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
09/01/2021 Regular Meeting Agenda
08/04/2021 Regular Meeting Agenda
08/04/2021 BID Minutes 8.4.21 Minutes
07/07/2021 Regular Meeting Agenda
06/02/2021 Regular Meeting Agenda
05/05/2021 Regular meeting Agenda
04/07/2021 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes More...
02/03/2021 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes More...
BID Minutes 7.7.21 Minutes
12/02/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes
11/10/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes More...
10/07/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes
08/12/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes
06/16/2020 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
06/03/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes More...
05/06/2020 Regular meeting Agenda
03/04/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes More...
02/05/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes More...
01/08/2020 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes

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