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Serving the Citizens of Pacific GroveIn 1888 Pacific Grove Police Department opened with one part-time caretaker Edward Rich, with the title Marshal. Our police force has grown from one part-time caretaker to its current level of 22 officers and 10 support professionals. Although the police department is bigger, better equipped, better trained, and more professional than its nineteenth-century predecessors, its underlying principle has always been “service to the community.”

The Pacific Grove Police Department embraces the principles of “Community Policing.” Community policing is both a philosophy (a way of thinking) and an organizational strategy (a way to carry out the philosophy) that allows the police and the community to work closely together in creative ways to solve the problems of crime, illicit drugs, fear of crime, and neighborhood decay, and improve the overall quality of life in our community. The philosophy of community policing rests on the belief that citizens deserve input into the police process. This partnership between the police and the community they serve is at the heart of community policing. It also rests on the belief that solutions to today’s community problems demand freeing both people and the police to explore creative, new ways to address neighborhood concerns beyond traditional law enforcement.

We are all very fortunate to either live or work in Pacific Grove. We have one of the lowest crime rates in Monterey County. Our natural beauty, our quality of life and the safety and security of our residents and guests are the paramount concern to the dedicated men and women of the Pacific Grove Police Department. We look forward to a close working relationship with you, and we are here to serve.

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Mission, Vision, Motto, and Values
To provide exceptional public safety service and enhance the quality of life in our community.

To achieve a culture of excellence by partnering with our community, respecting the rights and dignity of all people, and providing professional public safety service through integrity and accountability.

"Our Community, Your Police"


  • Excellence- We will promote the common good, uphold the public trust, and leave the Department greater and better than when entrusted to us.
  • Community- We will commit to partnering with our community and deliver excellent public safety services.
  • Respect- We will respect the rights and dignity of all people.
  • Professionalism- We will exemplify professionalism in all we do as public employees.
  • Integrity- We will be accountable to ourselves, the public, and the law enforcement profession
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