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The City Manager's Office is located on the second floor of City Hall. The City Manager is hired by the City Council and serves at the pleasure of the Council.

The City Manager ensures that the policy direction set by City Council is carried out and that the City's delivery of public services is of high quality and provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The City Manager prepares a recommended budget for City Council; recruits, hires, and supervises City of Pacific Grove staff; and provides City Council objective information and recommendations regarding the issues and decisions before City Council.

Council-Manager Form of GovernmentThe City of Pacific Grove, a charter city, operates under the Council-Manager form of government. Over 300 cities in California operate under this form of government which is in use worldwide. Under the system, the City Council appoints a City Manager, City Attorney, and members of the City’s boards and commissions.

The City Manager is the professional administrator for the City, serving as its “CEO” while advising the City Council. Responsibilities include operations of the City, administration, personnel relations, risk management, administration, preparation of the City budget, and implementation of the Council’s policies.

Together, the City Council works hand-in-hand with the City Manager, with support and resources from City employees and the involvement of the Pacific Grove community.

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