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Independent Contract Instructors Wanted!Do you have a special talent or skill you are interested in sharing? The Pacific Grove Recreation Department  is looking for new instructors to teach classes, workshops, and camps to residents of all ages! As a way of expanding our recreational opportunities and providing high quality community services, the Recreation Department utilizes independent contract instructors to provide recreational services to our community that are designed for preschoolers, school age children, teens, adults, seniors and families.  Instructors who are intersted in partnering with the Recreation Department to offer a specialty program or wish to teach a class can submit a proposal to the Recreation Department for review:   

Recreation Department 
302 16th St. Pacific Grove, CA 93950 
831.648.3134 |

Please review our contract proposal information below and provide a proposal that includes the following information:

Contract Proposal Information

  • Description of class
  • Targeted age range
  • Proposed fee per class
  • Preferred day and time 
  • Length of class and frequency 
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants

  1. Please also submit a resume with references.
  2. A Business Lincese and proof on insurance will be required prior to approval.
  3. The current contract specifies a 70/30% contractual split of funds collected.  The contractor receives 70%, and the City retains 30% of funds collected to cover operating expenses.
  4. The program proposal will be reviewed by the Recreation  Manager and will be approved based on qualifications, cleared DOJ fingerprinting and backgound check,department need, and final approval of the Department Head.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Independent Contracted Program Instructor within the City of Pacific Grove Recreation Department!

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