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The Finance Department is responsible for the stewardship of the City’s resources. The Department provides policy analyses, recommendations, and financial information to the City Council and departments.

The Finance Department’s core functions include:

  • Accounting for the City’s resources and disclosure of the City’s financial condition in the year-end comprehensive annual financial report and independent audit.
  • Preparing and monitoring the annual operating budget and revenue forecast.
  • Providing accounts payable and payroll services.
  • Managing the City’s debt, investment, and banking affairs.
  • Risk Management
Budget and Financial Reports
Financial Transparency PlatformThe City's new Financial Transparency Platform is expected to launch on February 3, 2023!  This new site will provide the community with information in easy to understand and a more accessible format.  New features include:  A check register with the ability to sort by vendor and date; information and status updates on capital projects, and a dashboard for tracking the status of Council Goals and Tactics.

Financial Transparency Portal (Coming Soon)

Additional Financial InformationCurrent Sales Tax Rate
City Fee Schedule FY22-23

City Fee Schedule FY21-22

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