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California Government Code section 6270.5 (S.B. 272 approved October 11, 2015) requires each local agency to create a catalog of its enterprise systems and have this catalog publicly available upon request and posted prominently on the local agency Web site. The catalog is required to disclose information such as the system vendor, product, purpose, and a description of the types of data collected and managed by each system.

Vendor Product Purpose Data Type Data Custodian Frequency Collected Frequency Updated
AgendaQuick Agenda Quick Agenda Management Reports and Meeting Minutes City Clerk Daily Daily
Accela Permits Plus Building Permit Managament Patron and property data Community Development Daily Daily
ESRI ArcGIS Mapping Mapping data Community Development Daily As Needed
iWorQ Planning Management and Code Enforcement Apps Planing Permit/Data Management Patron and property data Community Development Daily Daily
Sound Cloud SoundCloud Pro Unlimited Public Hearing Audio Audio Community Development As Needed As Needed
Central Square Superion Integrated Finance System Accounting, Budget, Payroll, Human Resources, Purchasing, Tax Finance Daily Real Time
HdL Companies HdL Prime Business License Software Business Licensing Patron and property data Finance Daily As Needed
Kronos Telestaff Fire Department Staffing Management Personnel and Staffing Fire and Emergency Services Daily  
Xerox Firehouse Fire Department Records Management Incident data Fire and Emergency Services Daily Daily
NeoGov NeoGov Recruitment Employment applications Human Resources Daily As Needed
DocuSign DoocuSign Electronic Signatures & Workflow Documents requiring signature Information Services Daily Daily
Microsoft Outlook 365 Email System Email Information Services Daily Daily
Microsoft Microsoft 365 Office systems Documents, calendar, contacts, etc. Information Services Daily As Needed
Revize Revize CMS Web Content Management System Web content Information Services As Needed As Needed
Solarwinds Web Help Desk IT Service Request System Service Requests Information Services Daily Daily
bibliotheca SelfCheck Library materials self check-out system Patron and bibliographic records Library Daily Daily
ByWater Solutions Koha Integrated Library System Patron, bibliographic, and item records Library Daily Daily
Librarica LLC Cassie Public computer time and print management Patron and workstation records Library Daily Daily
Atlas Business Solutions ScheduleAnywhere Police Department Staffing Management Personnel and Staffing Police Daily As Needed
IPS Group IPS Meter Systems Parking Meter Management System Public User Data Police Daily Daily
Axon Axon Evidence Recorded Video Management Video Police Daily As Needed
TracNet TracNet Police Records Management System Police Records Police Daily Daily
iWorQ Work Order Work Order Management Patron Data Public Works Daily Daily
CivicPlus CivicRec Community Parks and Recreation Management Software Patron Data Recreation Daily Daily
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