City Council Values, Vision, Mission, Focused Priority Areas, Policy Value Statements & Goals butterfly

Core Values:

LEADERSHIP We strive to uphold the highest work ethic, treat everyone fairly, empower people to do their best, promote continuous improvement, foster teamwork, communicate openly and respectfully so as to achieve trust and accountability throughout our community. 

INCLUSIVENESS We cultivate an environment of trust and respect for all residents and visitors alike. We strive to ensure that our actions are inclusive and reflective of the diverse community of which we aim to be.

INTEGRITY We safeguard public trust through honest business practices and open communication. Our credibility with the public depends on our strong ethical stewardship of all resources.

COLLABORATION We promote transparent engagement with citizens and stakeholders and expect our managers and consultants to understand the needs and values of our community. 

STEWARDSHIP We protect our unique natural environment and the habitat it provides. We facilitate a culture of sustainable practices. We maintain and preserve our municipal assets.  

Vision Statement:

Pacific Grove will thoughtfully grow as an inclusive seaside community that protects residential character, historic resources, promotes multi-beneficial development, and ensures respect for the environment.

Mission Statement:

Deliver quality professional public services to all residents in the Pacific Grove community and the region, while ensuring high value and quality results.


1. Recreation Services.
Policy Value Statement:  Pacific Grove offers robust and accessible recreational and cultural activities for all ages.

  1. Expand hours and services of the Youth Center.
  2. Expand or reinstate afterschool and recreational activities, including recreation and sports programs. 
  3. Evaluate fees for use/rental of City facilities (e.g. Chautauqua Hall, etc.) to incentivize more use by the community.

2. Infrastructure.
Policy Value Statement:
  Pacific Grove prioritizes capital needs and maintains community assets.   

  1. Enhance the process, prioritization, scheduling and completion of CIP projects.  
  2. Complete Streets Policy: adopt a plan to implement the design of safe walking paths, sidewalks and bike lanes, including signage.  

3. Environmental Stewardship.
Policy Value Statement:
  Pacific Grove implements environmentally sustainable practices that protect wildlife and the coastal community.  

  1. Initiate and Complete a Climate Action Plan and Adaptation Plan.
  2. Initiate and Complete a Citywide Tree Improvement and Management Plan (e.g., planting in public areas, sustainable tree maintenance and removal strategies, review and replacement of non-native plants and species, etc.).  
  3. Protect Wildlife and Habitat.
  4. Review, update and implement George Washington Park Master Plan.

4. Affordable Housing.
Policy Value Statement:  
Pacific Grove supports a diversity of affordable housing opportunities.  

  1. Explore and assess the grandfathering of existing non-conforming ADU's. 
  2. Complete Housing Element Update (MANDATED).  
  3. Initiate a feasibility and site selection process for the design and construction of an affordable housing project.  
CC Focused Priority Areas, Goals, Milestones and Work Plan (printer friendly version)

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