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All City-wide permits can be found on this page. For forms, please search on the Forms page here.

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The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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General2 documents

  • Garage Sale Permit
    document Header Garage Sale Permit
  • Parking Permit
    document Header Parking Permit

Police4 documents

  • Alarm Permit
    document Header Alarm Permit
    For questions related to Alarm Permits or False Alarm Fees, please contact the Records Division at or call (831) 648-3143
  • Drone Permit
    document Header Drone Permit
    To fly a drone in the city of Pacific Grove you need to get permission from the airport tower (three days in advance) as well as a permit from the City Manager
  • Dumpster and Storage Container Permit
    document Header Dumpster and Storage Container Permit
  • Film Permit
    document Header Film Permit

Animals1 document

  • Animal License Application
    document Header Animal License Application
    You may submit your completed Application, Rabies Certificate, and Spayed/Neutered Certificate by mail or in person at City Hall.

Community Development17 documents

  • CDD Permit Portal
    document Header CDD Permit Portal
  • Search Building Permits
    document Header Search Building Permits
  • Search Planning Permits
    document Header Search Planning Permits

Code Compliance1 document

  • Massage Permit
    document Header Massage Permit

Building7 documents

  • Building Permit
    document Header Building Permit
  • Electrical Permit
    document Header Electrical Permit
  • Encroachment Permi
    document Header Encroachment Permi
  • Mechanical Permit
    document Header Mechanical Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
    document Header Plumbing Permit
  • Re-Roof Permit
    document Header Re-Roof Permit
  • Sidewalk Permit
    document Header Sidewalk Permit

Planning4 documents

  • Planning Permit
    document Header Planning Permit
  • Residential Zoning Records Report (RZRR)
    document Header Residential Zoning Records Report (RZRR)
  • Sign Permit
    document Header Sign Permit
  • Use Permit
    document Header Use Permit

Forestry1 document

  • Tree Permit
    document Header Tree Permit

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