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COVID-19 PROCEDURE: City Hall is open with limited capacity for in person appointments. Members of the public and applicants are strongly encouraged to email, phone or video conference with staff to conduct business. The Community Development Department will continue to accept permit applications, development inquiries, and plan reviews electronically.

Please view the Department's COVID-19 Procedures document.  Appendices to the County Order that govern certain industries, including construction, can be found here. Visit the COVID-19 page for additional updates, information and resources.

ONLINE SERVICESThe Community Development Department is excited to announce that members of the public, contractors, and other interested parties can now search building permits (including electrical, mechanical, plumbing, re-roof permits), street opening and encroachment permits, Residential Zoning Records Reports (RZRRs), and tree permits online through City website from the comfort of their home/office. Contractors and owner-builders are also now able to schedule inspections online.

Please be advised that some records available through these databases may not be up to date or complete. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Building Division at (831) 648-3191 or

The City is also working to make online payments and permitting available through the website for select permits. An update will be provided once this has been implemented.

OUR MISSIONThe Community Development Department works in partnership with the community to protect the beauty, sustainability, economic vitality and environmental integrity of Pacific Grove. The department is committed to consistently pursuing high quality and structurally-sound development that is in line with the City’s land use and design goals. Further, the department strives to preserve the existing housing stock and support new affordable housing to help meet the housing needs of Pacific Grove residents.

The Community Development Department is comprised of the following divisions and programs:
Planning Division Building Division
Housing Division Code Compliance
The Economic Development and Short-Term Rental Program have been moved, and can be found under the "Business" menu.

What's New and ExcitingUpcoming webinars, workshops and events are listed under the "News" dropdown in the left sidebar.

Featured programs are listed below:
  • The NOAA Building (1352 Lighthouse Ave.)
    • The property is in the Coastal zone, is zoned Open Space ("O") per PGMC Sec. 23.42 and subject to a variety of policies in the Land Use Plan, specifically the following allowed uses:
      • LUD 11-b.Hopkins Marine Station and NOAA facility: coastal-dependent marine research and educational activities, aquaculture, and coastal-dependent recreation and public recreational access that is compatible with maintenance of coastal-dependent scientific and educational uses.
    • These regulations do not allow residential uses, hotels, motels, condominiums, restaurants, general commercial offices or retail establishments.
    • The zoning and land use can only be changed through a ballot measure and a vote of the people of Pacific Grove and an LCP amendment which must be certified by the Coastal Commission.
    • The site is an Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA) and heavily regulated to protect the sensitive biological habitat and resources.
  • Housing Element Update webpage 
  • American Tin Cannery Hotel and Commercial Project - Sloat Avenue Right-of-Way Vacation before City Council on May 18, 2022
  • 520 Lighthouse Ave Plans
  • The PG Hotel Project Plans for the project located at 157 Grand Avenue
    • Proposed minor modifications to the approved permits will be heard by the City Council at its February 16, 2022, meeting. The following estimated economic benefits of the proposed modifications, in terms of TOT, have been provided by the applicant:

      Below is our current working model for income and expenses. This model has been vetted with Kimpton Hotels & Resorts, one of the leading luxury boutique hotel companies in the world. Kimpton originated in San Francisco and still maintains their headquarters there today. Kimpton's parent company, Inter-Continental Hotel Group, is the selected brand for "The Clement Hotel'' in Monterey, which is a top producer in the region and gives us reliable data. 

      Our goal is to position the Pacific Grove Hotel as a higher-end luxury boutique hotel. It's smallness (102-rooms) will allow us to run higher occupancy and rates with excellent customer service.  A number of the modifications we have requested are aimed at upgrading the quality of the hotel, not the size. 

      Projected Gross Room Revenues: 

      2024    $9,591,937   12% TOT = $1,151,032

      2025  $10,702,583   12% TOT = $1,284,310

      2026  $11,687,108   12% TOT = $1,402,453

      2027  $12,324,612   12% TOT = $1,478,953

      2028  $12,570,825   12% TOT = $1,508,499


                              5-YEAR TOTAL= $6,825,247   

      There are plenty of lower priced motels and hotels in the area and the luxury hotels are somewhat outdated. We have the opportunity to build one of the nicest luxury boutique hotels that will compliment both the business and residential community in Pacific Grove.

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