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Short-term Rental License

Short-term Rental License

New STR License applications are currently being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis subject to the following requirements:
  • The subject property must be in the Coastal or Commercial zone.
  • The subject property must comply with the 55 foot Zone of Exclusion at the time of application.
  • The property will be screened against this limit at the time of application.
  • Applicant for the subject property must be the owner of record.
  • A check for the amount of $379 for the application and neighborhood noticing fees. This amount is non-refundable.
  • Checks must be made out to the City of Pacific Grove. An additional $626 will be due and payable to the City of Pacific Grove once an application has been approved and a license has been issued. (Credit card payments are subject to a 4% processing fee).
  • A completed application packet.
  • Incomplete applications will be not be accepted.


A Short-term Rental License (STR) allows rental of an entire dwelling unit.

Cap, Density, and Occupancy Limits

  1. License Caps: STR Licenses are limited to 250 City-wide.
  2. Density: STR licenses are subject to a one-per-parcel and 55' zone of exlcusion limits.The zone of exlusion is the distance of fifty-five (55) lineal feet from an existing STR parcel boundary.
  3. Occupancy: Overnight occupants (aged 18 or older) are limited to two persons per bedroom, plus one additional person per site. The maximum number of day time (non-overnight) occupants is limited to 1.5 times the number of overnight occupants.


  1. Only the whole dwelling unit may be rented. (For renting a bedroom in your house, see Home Sharing).
  2. Established affordable housing units are not eligible for A STR license.
  3. Illegal residential units or unpermitted spaces associated with your property may not be rented.
  4. On-site parking, if available, shall be made available to renters.
  5. A Site Manager (i.e. property manager) is required unless the owner chooses to manage their own property. If an owner decides to manage their own property, the owner must reside no farther than 30 minutes by vehicle from the STR.
  6. Amplified sounds that are audible beyond the property boundaries are prohibited. Other noises that create a nuisance will be enforced in accordance with the City noise regulations.
  7. Auctions, commercial functions, and other similar activities are prohibited.
  8. Displaying of signs that indicate that the property is used or available for transient or short-term rental purposes is prohibited.