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1. Short-term Rental License Renewal

1. Short-term Rental License Renewal

STR License renewals will begin in February 2020. All existing STR owners will receive notices which will include license renewal instructions. In general, STR License renewal process will be as follows:

General Guidelines:

  • Early submissions are highly encouraged although an application can be submitted on the last day of the STR license renewal period (i.e. Tuesday, March 31, 2020).
  • The City will not be responsible for late receipt of any mailed application. All STR License Renewal applications must be received by no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Each STR license renewal packet must include all of the following items:

1. STR License Renewal Form (Type or print; all sections must be filled out completely). Please note the following:

  • A STR owner is (while the licensed STR unit is rented) farther than 30 minutes away by car from the STR unit must appoint a Site Manager;
  • A STR owner must provide contact information for the placard which will be posted on the exterior of the STR Unit in a location visible at the front entrance. Any contact number(s) provided for the placard must be reachable 24/7.
  • If different than owner and/or site manager, the STR must provide name, phone, and email of the person(s) managing bookings and responsible for collection and remittance of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)

2. Signed affidavit affirming appropriate smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed and fire extinguisher(s) are in accessible locations.

3. Building Inspection Report obtained through a certified third-party general contractor or building inspector. A Building Inspection Report is not required if one was submitted in February/March 2018.

4. Signed Owner Responsibility Form

5. List of hyperlinks for each online listing for the STR unit. All online listings must include the City-issued STR license number in the main title or property description areas of online listings. Online listing ID numbers and/or URLs must be submitted prior to your application submittal via email to or

6. Proof of TOT payment to demonstrate that the licensed STR unit has been rented for a minimum of:

  • 3 nights during the preceding 90 days – this applies to those STR license holders who obtained their license during the preceding 1-3 months;
  • 12 nights during the preceding 180 days – this applies to those STR license holders who obtained their license during the preceding 4-6 month; and
  • 24 nights in the year prior to the STR License renewal application – this applies to those STR license holders who have held a STR license for a whole year.

Acceptable proof of payment documentation include copies of filed TOT returns, deposited checks, and/or HDL receipts confirming that your TOT return was filed and processed. 

7) Check for the amount of $859 payable to the City of Pacific Grove. Credit card payments are subject to a 4% credit card processing fee.

Submit a complete STR license renewal application packet to the City, in person or by mail to the following address:

City of Pacific Grove
Short-Term Rental Program
300 Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Upon full satisfaction of all STR license renewal application requirements, a STR license may be renewed. The City will notify the owner (except if unless the owner requested mail delivery) by email and phone when the license is ready for pick up at the Community and Economic Development Department. If an owner requested mail delivery of a STR license, the City will issue a courtesy notice to the owner at the time the license has been mailed. 

Further, the City will provide laminated placards to STR owners concurrent with mailing of the STR license or when an owner picks up the license. Upon receipt of the renewed STR license, owners are required to replace the old license with the renewed license and prominently display the new license in plain view within the unit.  The owner is also required to post the placard at the front entrance of the STR unit.

Within 15 days of receipt of the renewed STR license by owner, the owner must provide the following information to the City:

1. A photo confirmation of the STR license being prominently displayed in plain view within the STR unit.

2. A photo confirmation of the placard being in a prominent location at the front entrance of the STR unit.

Grounds for nonrenewal of a STR License:

1. Incomplete application.

2. Failure to demonstrate the STR license number is displayed in all the online listings or failure to provide hyperlinks of each online listing to the City.

3. Failure to remit payment to the City at the time the STR license renewal application is submitted. 

4. The STR unit fails the Building Inspection, or the Building Inspection Report identifies an unsafe condition.

5. Failure to demonstrate that the licensed STR unit has been rented at least once during the preceding 90 days, 4 times during the preceding 180 days, or  at a minimum of 8 times in the year prior to the STR renewal application.

6. Evidence of two or more verified violations as described in Section 7.40.080(d) during the preceding 12 months.

7. Failure to demonstrate all TOT owed to the City has been paid prior to the date of the STR renewal application.