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As of January 1, 2022, California state law (Senate Bill 1383) requires all jurisdictions to provide organic waste collection services to all residents and businesses. All generators must subscribe to organic curbside collection to help reduce emissions generated from decomposing organic waste in landfills, which emits about 20% of California’s methane.

The City of Pacific Grove requires all generators (residents and businesses) to subscribe to and pay for collection services for recyclable materials, organic materials, and solid waste. For additional details on our solid waste regulations, please refer to the following sections of the Pacific Grove Municipal Code:

To learn more about where to dispose of specific materials, visit for details and resources.

Waiver Information

Commercial Business Premises and Multifamily Residential Dwellings may submit an application to the Public Works Department to waive their obligation to comply with some or all recyclable materials and/or organic waste requirements if the responsible party provides documentation that they meet one of the following criteria:

  1. De Minimis
    • For commercial entities that generate a minimal amount of compostable/organic waste or recyclables based on the following thresholds:

      • Amount of total solid waste generated (trash, recyclables, and organic waste combined) is less than 2 cubic yards of total weekly service and generates no more than 10 gallons of organic materials and/or recyclable materials per week
      • Amount of total solid waste generated (trash, recyclables, and organic waste combined) is 2 or more cubic yards of total weekly service and generates no more than 20 gallons of organic materials and/or recyclable materials per week
  2. Physical Space
    • For commercial entities that lack adequate space for recyclable materials containers and/or organic materials containers required for compliance. Evidence demonstrating lack of adequate space must be conducted by the garbage/recycling hauler, a licensed architect, or licensed engineer.


Approved waivers are valid for no more than five years. Waiver holders must notify the City of Pacific Grove if circumstances change that impact waiver eligibility, in which case the waiver will be rescinded. Waiver holders are required to cooperate with the City for compliance inspections. For additional details, please refer to the Pacific Grove Municipal Code Chapter 9.17 Reduction of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants.


Commercial entities that believe they qualify for a waiver may submit a completed application via: 

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