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To report a littler problem:

Plastic Pollution is a significant contributor to the non-point source pollution found in the Monterey Bay and around the world. Eighty percent of plastic pollution that enters the ocean originates from land. Common sources include: recreational beach users, people who drop litter on sidewalks and streets, plastics manufacturers and transporters, illegal dumping, and areas with inadequate trash receptacles. All land-based plastic pollution has the potential to become ocean pollution. Plastics easily blow into the ocean and get washed down storm drains that flow directly to the Monterey Bay and oceans around the world. 

Be part of the solution: 

  • BUY products with little or no plastic packaging, and products made from recycled materials. 
  • REDUCE the amount of plastic and other waste you use by Bringing Your Own metal water bottle, coffee mug, bag, etc. 
  • RECYCLE as much as possible. 
  • REFUSE to use plastic single-use items, such as plastic grocery bags, plastic tableware and plastic cups. 
  • DISPOSE of your waste properly. 
  • KEEP storm drains clean. 
  • SPREAD the word! Tell friends how to properly dispose of trash and recycling, and encourage them to Bring Their Own. 
  • PARTICIPATE in an cleanup event (such as a Save our Shores beach cleanup or Coastal Cleanup Day)!

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