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As part of the FY22/23 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the City Council approved seed funding for a Skatepark Park Project. This multi-year project aims to, ultimately, construct a 10,000 SF skate park suitable for all ages, users and multiply types of non-motorized wheeled riding. The $158,000 of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding was allocated to the project. This seed funding will allow for the skate park site assessment and preliminary design. 

Learn more about the benefits of skateparks, the  project process and next steps below. 

COMING SOON: The City will be releasing a community survey to gather feedback on potential locations for the proposed skatepark. Sign up for notifications (above) or check back soon for the survey link!
Skatepark Benefits & Positive Impacts
Multi-Step Process Skatepark Development Process
Public Outreach Process

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