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Point Pinos Trail
Project Overview
Completed in 2022, the $2.8 million project addressed a 0.8 mile stretch of coastline in Pacific Grove generally known as Point Pinos, on Ocean View Blvd from Acropolis Ave to Lighthouse Ave. Prior to this project, Point Pinos lacked formalized, safe and accessible coastal amenities for its various users—including trails, parking, and coastal access points. This stretch also represented the only gap of California Coastal Trail (CCT) between the City of Monterey and the three of four miles of PG Coastline. The project scope of work included:  construction of a formal, ADA compliant,5-foot wide, decomposed granite trail, a resilient, modular cable boardwalk, 2.5 acres of native plant restoration, formalized coastal parking, installation of 10 beach access points, and various storm water improvements.  
This project significantly improved safety, access, parking, and storm water capture. Today, the new trail, boardwalk ,and parking areas serve thousands of visitors and residents that come to the City’s beloved coastline! Now all users (pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicles etc.) can more safely enjoy this segment of the Coastal Trail and its expansive ocean views, beaches, sand dunes, rock formations, tide pools, world-class birdwatching, and so much more! The project locates the trail outside the 30-year coastal retreat setback line, except where moving the trail beyond this line is constrained by Ocean View Boulevard. In these cases, the trail will be along the north side of the road, such as along Crespi Pond.

PROJECT HISTORYThis project is the culmination of years of public feedback, design, and engineering. The project began in 2012 as a general concept by the Recreation Board. Since its inception, the project has made tremendous progress. Project milestones include:

  • June 2017 - Completion of the Point Pinos Trail Plan and Coastal Study

  • December 2017 - City Council approval of the Mitigated Negative Declaration

  • April 2018 - Receipt of a Coastal Development Permit Waiver from the California Coastal Commission

  • February 2020 - Completion of construction drawings and specifications

  • May 2020 - Release of a request for construction bids

  • January 2021 - Award of construction contract

  • March 2021  - Award of a construction management contract
  • December 2021-  Construction Complete 
  • January 2022 - Plant monitoring began

FundingPoint Pinos Funders

This multi-million dollar project is funded by:

  • The City of Pacific Grove
  • The California State Coastal Conservancy via the California Climate Investments’ Green House Gas Initiative Fund
  • The California Natural Resource Agency, and 
  • The Transportation Agency of Monterey County
Project TeamProject Team Point Pinos
This project was designed and engineered by TrailPeople. Construction is being performed by Monterey Peninsula Engineering with construction management oversight by Zander Designs. 

Construction Timeline

Construction commenced in April 2021. Construction was substantially completed in December 2021. A two year, post construction plant monitoring phase is currently underway. 

Construction Phase I - COMPLETE
Phase I of construction entailed addressing the easternmost end of the trail segment and the Asilomar and Acropolyis turnouts. 
Construction Phase II - COMPLETE
Phase II of construction includes the installation of the boardwalk across from Crespi Pond and improvements at the Foghorn Turnout. 

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