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Welcome to the Capital Improvement Program News Center. Please reference the links below for the latest information on CIP projects from our team!

15th and Laurel Stormwater Improvement Project

The purpose of this project is to make necessary stormwater infrastructure improvements to continue to protect our coastal waters and preserve Pacific Grove’s Area of Special Biological Significance by repairing storm drain inlets on the South West and South East end of the 15th and Laurel intersection.

In addition to fixing the storm drain inlets, the project will consist of sidewalk, access ramps and pavement reconstruction. The storm drain inlets will be moved to provide ample space to install new curb ramps and allow the new drain lines to be hooked up to the City’s 48 inch main.

Project construction work will begin on July 10, 2017. We anticipate work will conclude the first week of August.

Public Works letter to adjacent residents 

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