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The storm sewer system refers to important infrastructure that prevents flooding when it rains. The system, also known as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System or MS4, works to move water away from an area to a local water body. The storm sewer system includes the inlets (storm drains) and gutters on streets as well as pipes and outfalls, where the stormwater enters the Bay and Ocean. Because the MS4 flows directly into water bodies without any treatment it is critical to keep it pollutant free.

Dumping any pollutants or trash into the gutter, catch basin or the storm drain system is ILLEGAL. Local ordinances limit storm water flows to clean rain water and non-polluted incidental flows like groundwater. Please do your part to protect local waterways!

rainscapesTo report illegal dumping to the street, waterways, or the storm drain system, please call the Public Works Department at (831) 648-5722. After hours, call the after-hours emergency number at (831) 648-3143. 

The RainScapes Program is designed to enhance stormwater quality and reduce flows that go into the City’s stormwater system and drain to the ocean, improving the health of Monterey Bay; the place where our community plays and where our sea otters live!

The RainScapes Rebate Program is a technical and financial assistance program to encourage property owners to implement eligible LID techniques on their property. To learn more about the program please click here.

RainScapes are a vital component of the City’s stormwater management efforts, which the City is required to implement by the Stormwater Permit (under the federal Clean Water Act) and the State of California’s ASBS regulations.

RainScapes is a program of the City of Pacific Grove with funding support from the State Water Resources Control Board.
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