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The City provides sewer collection services for residences and commercial businesses over an area of approximately 1,414 acres with a population of approximately 15,040 residents. The City’s collection and conveyance system is comprised of approximately 58 miles of pipelines: 57 miles of gravity pipelines, which vary in diameter from 4-inch to 18-inch, and one mile of force mains. Maintenance access to the sewers is provided by 904 manholes and a number of structures, such as clean-outs and inspection holes. There are nine sewer lift stations located in the City's service area, seven of which are owned by the City, and two of which are owned by Monterey One Water. Monterey One Water operates and maintains all nine lift stations. Collected sewage is conveyed via an interceptor pipeline to MRWPCA’s regional sewer treatment plant located north of the City of Marina

The City’s Sewer System Management Plan and the Sewer Collection System Master Plan help drive long-term maintenance and management needs. 

Sewer Collection System Master Plan (SCSMP)
The Sewer Master Plan provides a summary of the existing facilities, wastewater flows, identified system capacity deficiencies for existing and future conditions, recommended capital improvement projects (CIP), recommended operation and maintenance practices, and recommended inspection programs. 

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)
The Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) describes the collection system facilities, operations and maintenance, and capital improvement projects.

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) require all public wastewater collection system agencies in California that own and operate sanitary sewer systems greater than one mile in length, which collect or convey untreated or partially treated wastewater to a publicly owned treatment facility, to develop, implement, and maintain an SSMP and report sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) using the State’s electronic reporting system, California Integrated Water Quality System (CIWQS). 

Table of Contents/Executive Summary

The SSMP includes the following eleven (11) Elements:

  1. Goal
  2. Organization
  3. Legal Authority 3.1  3.2  3.3
  4. Operation and Maintenance Program 4.1  4.2  4.3  4.4
  5. Design and Performance Provisions
  6. Overflow Emergency Response Plan
  7. FOG Control Program
  8. System Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan
  9. Monitoring, Measurement, and Program Modifications
  10. Sewer System Management Plan Program Audits
  11. Communication Program

Pump Station Master Plan 
The Pump Station Master Plan provides an evaluation of the physical condition of the seven lift stations and provides recommendations for needed upgrades. See the full document here.

Pay Your Sewer Bill
Sewer fees are collected by Monterey One Water (formerly Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency). To set up service or pay your bill visit the Monterey One Website. 

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