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The Mechanical Division is responsible for approximately 100 licensed vehicles and over 100 pieces of specialized equipment. The main objective is providing a preventive maintenance program for the City. They are also responsible for performing regular maintenance on all vehicles and equipment including Fire Department apparatus. The department works on electric, gasoline, and diesel power engines, servicing and repairing all stationary AC-DC generators, motorcycles, electric vehicles and parking meter scooters. In addition small to major fabrications are performed, tire maintenance and repair, and all mechanical repairs to vehicles and equipment.

The Mechanical Division is renders services to: Cemetery, Community Development, Fire,  Golf Course, Police, Public Works, Recreation Department and all City owned equipment.

The Mechanical facility is approximately 4,000 square feet. It includes a fabrication room (including welding and related fabrication equipment), and two combination truck/auto lift hoists.

The Mechanical Division meets all State, County, and Local Environmental Laws.

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