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Every Year Thousands of Monarchs Overwinter in Pacific Grove

Arriving in October, monarch butterflies cluster together on pine, cypress and eucalyptus trees in the Sanctuary. Their migration to Pacific Grove is so unique that Pacific Grove is nicknamed "Butterfly Town, U.S.A." The community has always welcomed the butterflies and advocated for their protection. Citizens of Pacific Grove voted to create an additional tax to create the Monarch Grove Sanctuary which is cared for by dedicated volunteers. The Pacific Grove Police Department enforces strict regulations that prohibit the "molestation of butterflies." The fine? $1,000.

For more information on monarch viewing and to access weekly monarch counts, please go to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.

2023 Assessment and Proposed Management Activities

Volunteer OpportunitiesThe Museum Monarch Docents provide interpretation at the Sanctuary during the Monarch's overwintering season, from October through February. If you are interested in becoming a Monarch Docent, please contact the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. It can be completed as a self-study at any time during the fall-winter butterfly season. For information, please call 648-5716 ext 20.

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