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The Buildings and Grounds Division maintains 28 parks, 130 trash/recycling receptacles, two miles of the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, and maintains City owned buildings.

The purpose of the Buildings and Grounds Division is to clean and maintain all of all the city buildings:  City Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, Community Center, Youth Center, Museum, Library, El Carmelo Cemetery, Municipal Golf Links, City Parks, Recreation Trail, and Public Works Department facilities.

Workers are supervised to help maintain the different facilities that the department is responsible for.  Along with maintaining the buildings, other responsibilities involve the landscaping and irrigation around buildings and right-of-ways throughout Pacific Grove including planting flowers and some mowing along with vegetation trimming, and weed abatement.

To submit a comment or report a repair need to the division you can call the Public Works Division at (831) 648-5722 ex: 4211 or send an email directly to Roque Pinheiro, Buildings, Grounds and Cemetery Supervisor.

Parks Maintenance
Perkins Park - Landscape Plan
George Washington Park - Management Plan
Parks Inventory
Chautauqua Hall

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