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Domestic violence is an escalating pattern of assault and/or coercive behaviors that may include physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Domestic violence affects victims in all walks of life, regardless of race, social status, or economic status. Unlike most other crimes, victims of family violence are victimized by those they trust and love. Victims may experience a wide variety of emotions and may be confused by feelings of fear, loyalty, love, guilt, and shame. They are torn between the desire to protect and help a loved one, and their responsibility to their own safety as well as the safety of any other family members in the household. Violence in the home affects everyone in the household, and unfortunately this is the reason it perpetuates in our society.

Fortunately, recent changes in the law have been enacted to help protect victims and end the cycle of violence. The attitude of the Pacific Grove Police Department is that domestic violence is a crime and must be treated as such. The purpose of this brochure is to educate and empower those whose lives have been touched by family violence. Included within, you will find information and resources regarding the law and local agencies that can offer assistance. If you have questions, or need additional assistance, you may contact the Domestic Violence Unit of the Pacific Grove Police Department at (831) 648-3143. If you are a victim of violence, or fear for your safety or the safety of another due to domestic violence, call 9-1-1 immediately.
What will Pacific Grove Police Department do?
When can the police make an arrest?
What happens when an arrest is made?
What happens next?
What is a restraining order?
What do I do if the person violates the order?
What if the order was issued in another state?
What can I do if the police do not make an arrest and I feel they should have?
Are there other remedies available?
What other resources are available?
What other resources are available to assist the batterers?
What is the victim's compensation program?

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