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Property Release - Lost & FoundTo report lost property, please contact (831) 648-3143 or come to the Pacific Grove Police Department at 580 Pine Avenue to file a report. Be sure to bring serial numbers, make, model, or other unique identifying information that will help the police department in reconnecting you with the property.

To bring in found property, please drop it off at the Pacific Grove Police Department at 580 Pine Avenue.

To claim or pick-up your property, please schedule an appointment with Jennifer Fugitt at JFugitt@cityofpacificgrove.org or (831) 648-3143.

Abandoned Vehicles & Parking ComplaintsContact (831) 648-3143 to Report an Abandoned Vehicle or Other Parking Nuisance.

Pacific Grove Municipal Code 9.40.090 “Any peace officer may remove a vehicle located within the territorial limits in which the officer or vehicle abatement officer may act, when any vehicle is abandoned, parked, or left standing upon a highway for 72 or more consecutive hours.” (Authority: Vehicle Code Section 22651(k).) [Ord. 1880 N.S. § 2, 1993].

Police personnel will monitor movement, place a notice on the windshield, and/or attempt to contact the registered owner of identified vehicles. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, please park your vehicle on private property, have someone periodically move your vehicle, or contact the Pacific Grove Police Department at (831) 648-3143.

More information about the City's parking program is available here.

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