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NEW! The Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance and Wireless Design Manual were adopted at the Council's January 15, 2020, meeting. The new wireless standards and regulations were imbended in the Pacific Code Municipal Code - Title 23 (Zoning) and the Design Manual is a stand-alone document. These regulations will be applied to the development of Wireless Facilities outside of the public rights-of-way. Questions regarding the Wireless Ordinance or Design Manual can be directed to Alyson Hunter, Senior Planner at (831) 648-3127, or via email.

The Wireless regulations are a part of the City of Pacific Grove's recently adopted Ordinance No. 20-001.

The City of Pacific Grove adopted Ordinance No.18-019 which added Pacific Grove Municipal Code Chapter 15.26. This Chapter provides standards and regulations regarding location, placement, design and construction of telecommunications facilities (including traditional telecommunications towers, antennas, and other structures) within the public rights of way consistent with Federal and State law.

Where can new small cell antennas be installed?
Who owns the utility poles?
Can the City prohibit the installation of wireless facilities on utility poles?
Does the City's review process address health concerns?
Does the City's process address the design of the facility?
Who do these facilities serve and what companies operate them?
Do the antennas generate noise?
What equipment do wireless carriers typically install on utility poles?
If I have questions about these facilities in my neighborhood, who should I contact?

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