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On March 11, 2020, the California Coastal Commission certified the City's adopted Local Coastal Program (LCP). At the same hearing, the Coastal Commission certified the appeal jurisdiction map. This action resulted in a complete, certified LCP for the first time in the City's history.

Local Coastal Program clarifying amendmentAt the recommendation of California Coastal Commission staff, a Local Coastal Program Implementation Plan amendment was discussed at the April 8, 2021, Planning Commission hearing and a recommendation to City Council to approve the amendment was provided. The Council discussion of the proposed amendment and subsequent action previously noticed for the May 5, 2021 was renoticed for the May 19, 2021 Council meeting. Subsequently, any amendment(s) will be submitted to the California Coastal Commission for certification. Pacific Grove Municipal Code Chapter 23.90.180(c)(4)(G) includes exceptions to the development regulations for the portion of the site located seaward of Sloat Avenue between Eardley Avenue and Dewey Avenue. 

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2020 Certified Local Coastal Program3 documents

  • Land Use Plan
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  • Implementation Plan PGMC Chapter 23.90
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  • Certified Appeal Map
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Background Documents3 documents

  • Local Coastal Program Background Report
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  • Local Coastal Program Vulnerability Assessment
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  • Broadband Middle Mile Network (BMMN) Map Link
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1998 Coastal Parks Plan1 document

  • 1998 Coastal Park Plan
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