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General LID Information Lecture: "Rain Drop in a Watershed"lectures-1

This lecture was a general introduction to the concept of Low Impact Development (LID) principles and how it relates to the health of the Monterey Bay. It provided LID examples in Pacific Grove and basic hydrological principals and terminology.

Rainwater Harvesting Workshoplectures-2

This FREE workshop included information on:

  • General rainwater harversting information
  • Tank size and types
  • System design & maintenance
  • Permitting requirements
  • Where to purchase equipment
  • Water capture expectations
  • Water management
  • Available rebate programs 

Download the Rainwater Harvesting Lecture here

Replacement of Impervious Surface Lecture: Moving Stormwater Through Pavinglectures-3  lectures-4

This lecture covered how pervious driveways, patios, and walkways benefit stormwater flowing to the Monterey Bay, different types of pervious paving examples, and the rebates offered through the RainScapes program. Guest speaker: Marsha Dowd

Download the Moving Stormwater Through Paving Lecture here

Webinar: Rain Gardens - ARCSA Presenter: David Dods.  More information

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