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Contact Environmental Programs at (831) 648-3188 for information on tours.

Pacific Grove Community Center Demonstration SiteThe Pacific Grove Community Center is located within the ASBS Watershed and is a resource and gathering place for many residents. It provides the perfect opportunity to showcase examples of Low Impact Development (LID) techniques from the RainScapes Rebate Program.

Project Description

  1. A selected downspout will be diverted/re-routed to the front entry landscape in a rain garden. When it rains, the water will enter the landscape and it will slow water down, filtering it by movement through the soils and plant roots. Not only does this help clean the rainwater, but adds an aesthetic landscape feature to the property. Mainly native plants are used and all plants will be drought tolerant. 
  2. Existing plaza hardscape will be reinstalled with three pervious pavement types: 
    • pervious paver with joints filled with gravel, 
    • a pervious paver with a section of joints filled with decomposed granite and another section of joints filled with woolly thyme, and 
    • breaking up the existing hardscape and reinstalling it with joints filled with sand. All products are locally available. When it rains, instead of the water hitting the pavement and moving into a storm drain system, the water will filter through the cracks. It is then filtered in the soil substrate. The fill material in the joints, the space between broken concrete pieces, can be filled with various material thus making an aesthetic statement. 
  3. The existing lawn areas in front planter of the building will be replaced with mainly native/drought tolerant species. The diversity in species will be an aesthetic statement, providing more habitat potential, providing deeper roots for stormwater to soak into, and giving the community a lawn replacement example to consider.

Photos: BEFORE

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Photos: AFTER

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after-3  after-4

after-5  after-6

Neighborhood Project ToursRainScapes Program applicants will have a chance to voluntarily showcase their Low Impact Development (LID) Technique by participating in neighborhood tours conducted by the City of Pacific Grove. Project tours will help the City educate other community members about the benefits and beauty of these projects. In addition, constructed projects are great examples for others who may be considering installing a retrofit on their property, and help to build a network of community members with project experience (please note that Gull Rooftop Deterrents LID Technique will not qualify for a neighborhood tour).

Call Public Works, Environmental Programs at (831) 648-3188 for information on upcoming tours.

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