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PGMC 23.78 - Sale of Residential Buildings - requires that a Residential Zoning Records Report (RZRR - also known as City Report) be completed prior to the close of escrow, transfer of title for sale or exchange of any residential property, on all single-family dwellings, condos and apartment buildings. This process involves research of records on file and an exterior inspection of the property. No one is required to be in attendance and the City does not call in advance to schedule the inspection. An RZRR is typically prepared within ten (10) business days provided that all required information is provided, and fees are paid.

The RZRR application and Sewer Lateral Report (combined) fee is $363 (plus 4% for credit/debit card payments). Applicants may apply in person with this application.
If applying online, please click on Apply for RZRR on the right >>>

If the sewer lateral was completely replaced within the last 10 years, then please answer all the sewer lateral questions with "Yes".

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