Private Sewer Lateral Loan Program butterfly

The Housing Division in cooperation with the Public Works Department's Sewer Division provides loans to residents of Pacific Grove. 
Residents of the City of Pacific Grove who experience regular sewer back-ups and overflows should have their sewer line inspected. Homeowners who voluntarily take action to prevent sewer spills are eligible for help to pay for a sewer lateral replacement.

The Sewer Lateral Replacement Loan Program provides a low interest (3%) loan of up to $10,000 to repair or replace a private sewer lateral. These loans secured by a Deed of Trust, are deferred- no monthly payments are required. Loans are repaid when there is a property title transfer or sale to a new owner.

Private Sewer Lateral Loan Application | Guidelines Note: This is a VOLUNTARY program. If a property owner fails to repair a faulty sewer lateral line then penalties may be assessed pursuant to Pacific Grove Municipal Code Chapter 9.20. Loan program funding is limited to budgeted funds and eligibility criteria.

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