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Program Overview  

The Community Development Department’s Intern and Volunteer Program aims to collaborate with interns and volunteers to support and enhance the department's efforts in serving the community.  


Office Administration - Oversee day-to-day administrative functions, including managing office supplies, equipment, and facilities. 

Research and Data Analysis - Assist in collecting and analyzing housing and community development data, local news and resources, and updates on grants, legislation, regulations, and policies to inform local initiatives.

Community Outreach - Engage with residents to gather feedback, address concerns, educate and inform, and promote housing and community development initiatives.

Program Implementation - Contribute to the implementation of housing and community development programs, including supporting intake and referral activities, application processing, file and software management, as well as event and project coordination.  

Communication and Social Media - Support the development of print and digital communication materials and leverage social media platforms to raise awareness of important housing and community development information.  

Inter and Intradepartmental Collaboration - Facilitate collaboration among different divisions and departments, identifying opportunities for cross-functional projects and collaborative problem-solving. 

What's Waiting For You? 

Professional Development: Gain hands-on experience in housing and community development. 
Networking: Connect with professionals and experts in the field. 
Impact: Contribute to meaningful projects that make a difference in the community.   

Passionate about making a positive impact? Consider joining our team as an intern or volunteer. Explore various opportunities to contribute to meaningful projects and gain valuable experience in the public, housing, and community development sectors.

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Thank you for your interest in the City’s Housing and Community Development Department's Internship and Volunteer Program. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community! 

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The Housing Division of the City of Pacific Grove is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and thriving community by administering programs that enhance, preserve, and expand access to safe, affordable housing for all residents, free of discrimination and undue barriers.


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