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Latest NewsThe revised Draft Housing Element was submitted to HCD on November 2, 2023
and can be viewed online by clicking HERE.

Written comment received during the 30-day public review period (9/18/23 - 10/17/23) can be found HERE.

The public review Draft Housing Element released September 15, 2023 can be viewed online by clicking
The draft housing element was made available for a 30-day public review from Monday, September 18 through Tuesday, October 17, 2023. The public had opportunity to submit written comments to the city and/or participate in the public hearings detailed below to provide comment verbally either virtually or in-person.

Public Hearings

Planning Commission
October 5, 2023
October 12, 2023

City Council
October 18, 2023

Please take notice that legal challenges to the approval of the plan may be limited to raising only those issues raised at public hearings before the City or in written correspondence delivered to the City at, or prior to, the public hearing.

If you require special accommodations to participate in the public hearing, please contact the City Clerk at (831) 648-3181.

The City of Pacific Grove promotes fair housing and makes programs available to low- and moderate income households regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, disability/medical conditions, or source of income.


Housing Needs Survey Results Presentation - Click Here
Written responses #1
Written responses #2

Balancing Act Tool Summary Here 
Data Link Here 


The Housing Element is a once in a decade opportunity to shape the future of housing in your Community!

Since 1969, Housing Elements have been a mandatory chapter of local General Plans in California. A Housing Element provides an analysis of a community’s housing needs for all income levels and strategies to provide for those needs. Updates are required every eight years. The 5th Cycle Housing Element is for the 2015-2023 planning period. The 6th Cycle Housing Element update will cover 2023-2031. 

Our updated Housing Element will plan for the types and number of homes we need by 2031, which is defined by RHNA (Regional Housing Needs Allocation). The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments has released the draft RHNA plan for 2023-2031, showing a need for 1,125 additional housing units in Pacific Grove. While the City of Pacific Grove doesn't build these homes, we do ensure that plans, policies, and programs are updated so the mandated number of units may be built. 

Our updated Housing Element includes goals, policies, programs, and objectives to guide housing growth in Pacific Grove to meet our RHNA and related housing needs. For more information, check out this video

Creating a more affordable future is important to all of us. 
We encourage you to read about "Why Affordability Matters" in the Welcome Home Strategy we completed in 2021. 

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