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The cultural history of Pacific Grove is a source of pride among its citizens and an economic benefit to the businesses located here.  Citizens and visitors enjoy Pacific Grove's hometown character.  The City desires to preserve its history and wishes to encourage its citizens to preserve earlier buildings.  Moreover, the City's archaeological sites increase the interest of our community and help identify it as a special place.

Historic Resources Inventory:The City maintains an Historic Resources Inventory that includes of over 1,350 structures. The Historic Preservation Ordinance Title 23 Chapter 23.76 governs how historic resources are evaluated, placed on, or removed from the Historic Resources Inventory, and how any changes to structures are considered.  The Historic Resources Committee plays a role evaluating and preserving the City's historic resources.  
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Historic Context Statement:A Historic Context Statement was prepared and adopted in 2011.  The document is divided into chapters and historical periods; Introduction and Prehistory through 19021903-19261927-present and references.  The document also included recommended Historic Preservation Program Considerations. This User Guide provides a quick overveiw of the Historic Context Statement.

Guidelines for Historic Assessments:The City developed Guidelines for Historic Assessments to help guide evaluation of potential resources, and any proposed changes to both potential and identified historic resources.  Additionally, any proposed changes to historic resources must comply with the The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Some Historic Sites to visit in Pacific Grove include Point Pinos LighthouseAsilomar Conference GroundsChautaqua Hall, and the properties on the Pacific Grove's Heritage Society's Historic Home Tours to name a few.

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