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Available SitesEl Carmelo Cemetery has a variety of interment sites: single burial sites, in-ground urn sites, double garden crypts, and mausoleum niches and crypts.

Traditional Burial SitesEach single burial site may contain one casket and one urn, or, two urns and no casket.

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Double Garden CryptsThe caskets are set in cement liners in the ground, one on top of the other. Each double garden crypt site may contain two caskets and one urn, one casket and two urns, or three urns.
Double Garden Crypts

Single Urn SitesSurrounding the white granite mausoleum near the front of the cemetery is the Urn Garden for single, in-ground urn placement. Scattered throughout the cemetery are single and double urn sites.
Single Urn Garden

Crypts and NichesThere are two mausoleums in the Cemetery. A limited number of niches are available in both mausoleums. Each niche may contain up to two urns. There are also a limited number of single mausoleum crypts available. Each crypt holds one casket. There are a number of double mausoleum crypts near the front of the cemetery. One mausoleum crypt is below ground level, the other is at ground level.

Cemetery Site Prices

The Pacific Grove City Council sets the fees for all city services and departments, including El Carmelo Cemetery. Cemetery Site prices are available in the Master Fee Schedule. For more information, contact Darlene Billstrom, 831.648.3172.

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