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On November 15, 2022, The City of Pacific Grove launched Pick PG - a website dedicated to assisting new and existing businesses. This is a collaborative effort between the City and the Chamber of Commerce to provide the Pacific Grove business community a resource for all things business, whether it's a business license need, looking for available commercial property, or getting your business questions answered.

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Business license tax is due and payable to the City annually by July 31st without any penalties and is subject to incremental delinquency penalties (up to 50% of owed business taxes). 

BID ASSESSMENTBID assessment (i.e. 35 percent of annual business license tax) is normally due and payable to the City when the business license tax is paid. 

Doing BusinessWelcome and thank you for choosing Pacific Grove for your business. The City of Pacific Grove requires all businesses, trades, professions, callings, or occupations operating in the City to obtain a Business License and pay an annual business license tax. The process to obtain a Business License varies depending on the type of your business and whether your business is located inside or outside the City of Pacific Grove. Please view the below resources.

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