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Term Expires: November 2026
Council Position: Council Member

Skilled in Public Relations, Fostering equality, maintaining solvency, personnel, employee relations and negotiations.

As a City Councilperson, I continue to base all decisions on what will be best for the Pacific Grove Community, City and all residents.

I focus my values on our environment, Pacific Grove businesses, improve city services, affordable housing, seniors and transparency.

  • Masters of Education and Bachelors of Arts in Social Science, minor Law Enforcement 1993
  • Administrative, Single and Multiple Educational Credentials 1993-present

Administrative and Related Experiences:

  • Elected Pacific Grove City Council November 2018
  • Member of City of Pacific Grove Police Community Relations Committee and Economic Development Commission.
  • City Council Representative to Recreation Commission, Traffic Commission, Museum Board
  • Board of Directors of Monterey Salinas Transit
  • Written large grants benefiting education, cultural cities, Go-Green Initiatives
  • Member of Board of Directors of Italian Heritage Society
  • Executive Member to TriGroup Associates, areas of Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula, San Jose, Sacramento- present
  • Part time at the Defense Language Institute as a Test Administration
  • Teacher, Coach, Principal, Superintendent  1988-2014
  • Owner of three retail businesses of Donut Shops, Sandwich Shops, Gilroy. Morgan Hill, San Jose 1981-1986
  • Police Officer, School Liaison Officer,  1972-1981

I currently reside in Pacific Grove with my wife, Tawny Albert Amelio. We have been married for 47 years and have 4 wonderful children - Nina, Sophia, Vincent and Ana.

Nina is an OBGYN at Chomp, Sophia is a UC Davis Graduate in Spanish and Veterinarian studies, Vincent is a UC Berkeley Graduate in English Theater Arts and Ana is in Teaching and Special Education at the Sacramento State University.

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