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Core Values:

LEADERSHIP We strive to uphold the highest work ethic, treat everyone fairly, empower people to do their best, promote continuous improvement, foster teamwork, communicate openly and respectfully so as to achieve trust and accountability throughout our community. 

INCLUSIVENESS We cultivate an environment of trust and respect for all residents and visitors alike. We strive to ensure that our actions are inclusive and reflective of the diverse community of which we aim to be.

INTEGRITY We safeguard public trust through honest business practices and open communication. Our credibility with the public depends on our strong ethical stewardship of all resources.

COLLABORATION We promote transparent engagement with citizens and stakeholders and expect our managers and consultants to understand the needs and values of our community. 

STEWARDSHIP We protect our unique natural environment and the habitat it provides. We facilitate a culture of sustainable practices. We maintain and preserve our municipal assets.  

Vision Statement:

Pacific Grove will thoughtfully grow as an inclusive seaside community that protects residential character, historic resources, promotes multi-beneficial development, and ensures respect for the environment.

Mission Statement:

Deliver quality professional public services to all residents in the Pacific Grove community and the region, while ensuring high value and quality results.

Goals and corresponding strategies:

1. Complete Streets:   Plan, design and implement streets, sidewalks and transportation networks that better allow access for all types of users.

  1. Identify key safe routes to school and fill corresponding priority sidewalk gaps (including Asilomar Avenue in between Sinex Avenue and Lighthouse Avenue)
  2. Foster implementation of complete street elements (sidewalk, curb/gutter, and ADA ramps) by working with private property owners that trigger sidewalk installations per the Sidewalk Development Policy, Council Policy 700-4
  3. Engage CalTrans to improve the roadway and sidewalk at Sunset Drive and 19th Street, as well as Congress Avenue and Sunset Drive to improve safe routes to school 
  4. Identify opportunities to improve multimodal transportation safety
  5. Conduct Parking Study and develop Parking Management Plan to include consideration of the downtown business district, Central Avenue/American Tin Cannery business district, residential parking program, paid and permitted parking, and Lovers Point and coastal parking

2. Environmental Stewardship:  Adopt and develop policies and ordinances that preserve and protect the environment.

  1. Plan for SB 1383 implementation (organic waste recycling)
  2. Identify potential projects that foster environmental stewardship, reduce the City’s carbon footprint and allow eligibility for new Institute of Local Government Beacon Awards.
  3. Design and implement outreach program to encourage tree planting on private property
  4. Continue to follow recommendations from Page & Turnbull report regarding historic assets
  5. Implement George Washington Park Management Plan to address fire suppression concerns while allowing flora & fauna to thrive and maintaining existing trails
  6. Replace City vehicles with electric or zero emissions vehicles when feasible
  7. Implement public infrastructure projects that enhance conservation of the environment and sustainable practices

3. City Asset Stewardship:  Repair, maintain and improve City assets, including streets, sidewalks, sewer systems, buildings, parks and trails to better serve the community, anticipate future needs and prevent further degradation.

  1. Identify potential funding sources for a proposed $300,000 Stormwater Management Plan
  2. Continue implementation of the Pavement Management Program to maintain or increase Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  3. Upkeep of City signage
  4. Complete Point Pinos Trail project
  5. Invest in City recreation and outdoor assets

4. Transparency, Accountability and Communication:  Implement  programs, processes, revisions and training to improve and advance the City's efforts.

  1. Establish a bidding process for City leases
  2. Establish a City Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Board, and receive recommendations
  3. Bolster social media platform presence and deploy town hall meetings to roll out proposed programs and ordinance changes
  4. Design, develop and deploy a community engagement portal
  5. Implement a cannabis outreach plan to gauge community interest and/or concerns

5. Financial Stability:  Develop a strategic plan to better address current and future City expenditure and revenue needs while continuing to provide high quality municipal service.

  1. Conduct Development Impact Fee Assessment to determine feasibility of implementing new fees associated with development and update existing fees
  2. Create additional City finance reports through a City Council subcommittee, which would include reviewing reporting options, any potential changes to the OpenGov Transparency site or migration to another transparency software; and the best location to publish or access the corresponding documents.
  3. Identify additional/missing City revenue opportunities/sources outside of property, sales, and transient occupancy tax streams
  4. Strengthen policies and procedures for financial reporting and budgeting of capital improvements
  5. Develop a fee study for Community Development building fees, as well as updates to reflect the reduction in short-term rental licensing and permits
  6. Develop and implement an accounting structure to facilitate identifying and reporting cost recovery levels by department
  7. Increase sales tax by ½ cent
  8. Determine options for American Rescue Plan Act funding, with a community outreach/input component
  9. Review and revise Local Water Project for efficiency, optimization, and fiscal  sustainability purposes

6. Increase Affordable Housing:  Determine policies, projects and programs that will advance the effort to create new affordable housing in the City.

  1. Update the City’s Density Bonus Ordinance per Program 3.4.a of the 2015-2023 Housing Element
  2. Update the City’s design standards for development, review criteria and permit findings to objective standards in compliance with State Law
  3. Complete Welcome Home Affordable Housing Initiative and implement recommendations
  4. Initiate and complete the 6th Cycle update of the Housing Element by 2023 in compliance with the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) new unit target numbers
  5. Participate in the County’s Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Management Plan update to ensure new housing development is sited safely
  6. Implement recommendations (to extent possible) from Monterey Bay Economic Partnership

7. Facilitate Local Business Recovery:  Review, and revise existing policies and programs, and develop a strategic plan to better serve existing businesses while attracting new commerce to better stimulate the economy and revitalize commercial corridors, especially the downtown.

  1. Evaluate Chamber of Commerce recommendations for reducing Downtown business regulations
  2. Establish HdL customer feedback process to solicit input from business owners and City staff on HdL performance
  3. Provide streamlined permitting process for downtown properties
  4. Create a small business recovery plan through community engagement with stakeholders
  5. Establish a music/entertainment program to attract visitors and assist business recovery
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