City Council Values, Vision, Mission, Goals & Strategies butterfly

Core Values:

LEADERSHIP We strive to uphold the highest work ethic, treat everyone fairly, empower people to do their best, promote continuous improvement, foster teamwork, communicate openly and respectfully so as to achieve trust and accountability throughout our community. 

INCLUSIVENESS We cultivate an environment of trust and respect for all residents and visitors alike. We strive to ensure that our actions are inclusive and reflective of the diverse community of which we aim to be.

INTEGRITY We safeguard public trust through honest business practices and open communication. Our credibility with the public depends on our strong ethical stewardship of all resources.

COLLABORATION We promote transparent engagement with citizens and stakeholders and expect our managers and consultants to understand the needs and values of our community. 

STEWARDSHIP We protect our unique natural environment and the habitat it provides. We facilitate a culture of sustainable practices. We maintain and preserve our municipal assets.  

Vision Statement:

Pacific Grove will thoughtfully grow as an inclusive seaside community that protects residential character, historic resources, promotes multi-beneficial development, and ensures respect for the environment.

Mission Statement:

Provide high quality and professional public services that address community needs while enhancing the quality of life.

Goals and corresponding strategies:


1. Complete Streets:
   Plan, design and implement streets, sidewalks and transportation networks that better allow access for all types of users.

  1. Pursue a hybrid of funding scenarios 1 and 2 for street treatments as outlined within the 2018 Pavement Management Program Report
  2. Advance discussions with CalTrans to review scope and feasibility of potentially acquiring Highway 68 and begin implementation of the Highway 68 Study safe, shared route 

2. Environmental Stewardship: 
 Adopt and develop policies and ordinances that preserve and protect the environment.

  1. Update of food ware/to-go and single-use plastics materials ordinance
  2. Reduce parking requirements for developments proximate to transit stops
  3. Update George Washington Park plan 
  4. Install electric vehicle infrastructure 
  5. Work with Greenwaste to explore feasibility to promote the reduction and recycling of organic waste
  6. Work with Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, Monterey County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the hospitality industry and other key stakeholders to promote sustainable tourism
  7. Work with City consultants, recognized stakeholders, scientific experts and community organizations, including the Museum of Natural History to determine how to better address the declining population within the Monarch Sanctuary
  8. Consider adoption of a Tree Plan
  9. Conduct Community Wildfire Proficiency Plan
  10. Continue to follow recommendations from Page & Turnbull report regarding historic assets

3. City Asset Stewardship:  Repair, maintain and improve City assets, including streets, sidewalks, sewer systems, buildings, parks and trails to better serve the community, anticipate future needs and prevent further degradation.

  1. Implement Pine Avenue safety improvements 
  2. Adopt a certified Local Coastal Program 
  3. Complete the Shoreline Management Plan 
  4. Obtain funding and commence the construction process for the Point Pinos Coastal Trail 
  5. Replace at least one broken streetlight per block in the Candy Cane, Hillcrest, and Sunset neighborhoods
  6. Complete the City’s Library Renewal Project 

4. Community Responsiveness:  Develop and implement systems, interfaces and infrastructure to better communicate with the public.

  1. Develop public-facing work order submission systems
  2. Procure and implement online planning, building,  tree permit and recreation services applications
  3. Implement agenda management and PRR software 
  4. Deploy community engagement software
  5. Refresh, redesign and/or revamp the City's website
  6. Implement the City Council Chamber Audio Visual Enhancements Project
  7. Improve integration of digital offerings with the Library's online catalog system
  8. Look to implement recommendations from Recreation survey

5. Financial Stability:  Develop a strategic plan to better address current and future City expenditure and revenue needs while continuing to provide high quality municipal service.

  1. Maintain City fee levels at cost recovery
  2. In partnership with the California Coastal Commission, explore viability of paid parking at Lover's Point 
  3. Develop a 5-year strategic plan 
  4. Review and update budget amendment policy to facilitate stronger budgetary control of capital projects

6. Increase Affordable Housing:  Determine policies, projects and programs that will advance the effort to create new affordable housing in the City

  1. Consider an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance or updates to existing density bonus regulations to include policies and guidelines for incentives 
  2. Develop Rental Housing Guidelines to provide optional best practices for rental increases and relocation services
  3. Explore proposed residential development at appropriate public property, such as the Lighthouse cinema parking lot 
  4. Convene joint meeting with City Council and Planning Commission to develop joint strategy

7. Help Local Businesses Thrive:  Review, and revise existing policies and programs, and develop a strategic plan to better serve existing businesses while attracting new commerce to better stimulate the economy and revitalize commercial corridors, especially the downtown.

  1. Develop process to better expedite building permits
  2. Remove planning permit requirements for small-scale facade changes for non-historic commercial buildings
  3. Launch Facade Improvement Program City-wide
  4. Provide CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) input during permitting process
  5. Increase resources and programs at Library for starting businesses (partner with Chamber, SBA, SCORE, Rotary, etc.)
  6. Support re-occurring downtown evening activities through special events and promotions featuring music and other attractions
  7. Assess implementation of LEAP report strategies
  8. Consider proposed formation of property-based improvement district for the downtown
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