IMPORTANT UPDATESIn response to the State of California stay-at-home order, City Council meetings will not be available for in-person public attendance until further notice. Meetings will be held virtually in compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order N-25-20 AND N-29-20. To view and participate in the meetings please refer to the Meeting Instructions below.

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The purpose of the Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) is to encourage well-designed multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial development. The SPRC’s review does not apply to single-family residences outside of the coastal zone. The SPRC studies the siting of proposed construction and its impact upon the existing topography and natural vegetation, and the relationship of proposed construction to existing public and private improvements in the immediate area. It does not act on architectural aspects. It encourages the elimination of unnecessary grading, and endeavors to retain the natural character of the site, including the preservation of trees.

The SPRC ensures that site plans conform to a logical plan of site development; have adequate parking facilities, driveways, entrances, and exits; provide an appropriate arrangement, location, and design of required open spaces and recreational facilities; and incorporate other pertinent project features, so that development will not be detrimental to vehicular or pedestrian traffic on adjacent streets, will provide adequate light and air, will provide adequate access for firefighting equipment and, in general, will provide a desirable and well designed facility. The SPRC also reviews and approves lot line adjustments. The city manager shall appoint a site plan review committee, which shall consist of the chief planner, city engineer, fire chief, and chief building official, or their representatives.

MEETINGS, MINUTES & AGENDASAgendas are typically posted 72 hours prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted after they are approved. Agendas and minutes will be accessible on the website for approximately 24 months.

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