TRAFFIC SAFETY ALERT for Pine Avenue butterfly

Published: Jun 04, 2024
The Eastbound and Westbound STOP signs that were previously located on Pine Ave. at the intersection of Fountain Ave.Have been relocated to Pine Ave. at 15th St.

arge roadway markings that read “STOP AHEAD” have been added to both Eastbound Lanes on Pine at Fountain and both Westbound Lanes on Pine at 14th St.
The STOP Signs on Fountain Ave. at Pine Ave. remain in place. A sign board that reads “TRAFFIC ON PINE DOES NOT STOP” will be placed on Fountain Ave. prior to arriving to the intersection of Pine Ave, in both directions.

Please adhere to any existing traffic laws, heed additional warnings, and be aware of pedestrians in the area.

Pine Avenue Stop Sign moved, map and image

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