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Memorial Bench Program

The City has installed benches in various locations in Pacific Grove through its Memorial Bench Program. These benches are installed for reasons including memorials to deceased family members, to commemorate charitable organizations, and to otherwise recognize persons and entities.

The purpose of this program is to maintain an inventory of the location and physical condition of existing benches, to identify locations for new benches, and to provide for the placement and replacement of benches. 

The Memorial Bench Program waitlist is indefinitely full.

The memorial bench program serves as a remembrance and tribute for loved ones. A maintenance fee will be charged and covers a five year period. At the end of these five years, and every five (5) years thereafter, all bench location holders will be contacted to renew the maintenance fee. The fee will cover the bench's maintenance cost to include the structural condition--wood slats, metal supports, hardware, etc. by City staff. Any cosmetic maintenance (e.g., cleaning) or any improvements (e.g., varnishing/ clear coat stains) will be the responsibility of the bench location holder/responsible party. Painting of memorial benches is not permitted.

  1. City staff shall update an inventory of existing benches, noting location, inscription/ownership information, and condition (wooden slats, metal legs, hardware and engravings) of the benches.
  2. Holders of existing benches that are in need of repair/replacement or payment of maintenance fee will be contacted. If the bench holder is unreachable after being noticed, the bench location shall be made available to person(s) on the waiting list. (Due to the popularity of this program the waitlist has been closed and will remain closed for the foreseeable future.)
  3. New bench locations will only be considered by the next person on the waiting list and only for approved locations. Public Works staff will review the location and determine if the site is appropriate (ADA considerations, etc.).