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Local Water Project

Pacific Grove Local Water Project 

The City of Pacific Grove (City), similar to other jurisdictions in the California American Water Monterey District service area, has a shortage of potable water due to limitations on existing water supplies from the Carmel River Aquifer and Seaside Groundwater Basin. The City currently uses approximately 100 to 125 acre-feet per year (AFY) of potable water for irrigation of the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Links and the adjacent El Carmelo Cemetery. The City of Pacific Grove has made a public participation proposal to include several small projects as part of California American Water’s proposed Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project. Replacement of this irrigation demand with non-potable supplies will create a new offset of at least 100 to 125 AFY of potable water per project, for use by California American Water in meeting its obligations to find replacement supplies.

Draft Environmental Impact Report September 16, 2014