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Public Works

To report a sewer back-up or overflow, please call the Public Works Department at (831) 648-5722 ext. 4200After hours, call the after-hours emergency number at (831) 648-3143.
NEW! To submit a work request, fill out the following webform. 

To report a water emergency anytime, please call California American Water toll-free at: (888) 237-1333

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and operations of city-owned facilities and infrastructure, as well as for the planning, design, construction, or repair of the City's capital improvement projects

The Public Works Department has several divisions: Building & Grounds, Cemetery, Wastewater, Safety, Stormwater, Streets, Forestry, and Environmental Programs.

Reporting directly to the City Manager, the Director of Public Works is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day leadership and management of the Department. The Director coordinates the department's annual operating budget and capital improvement projects and transportation improvement programs; controls and monitors expenses within budget; and assures fiscal responsibility and cost consciousness.

Public Works maintains all city-owned vehicles and equipment, providing repairs and preventative maintenance to all Administrative, Police, and Public Works vehicles and equipment. Public Works maintains all municipal roads, asphalt milling and paving, basin and culvert repairs and cleaning, street lighting and street sign repairs wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and maintenance. In addition, Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of the city buildings, including janitorial services to the City. Maintenance of the parks and grounds of all city owned properties, including structure repairs, lawn and tree maintenance, and amenities repairs.

Wet Dry-Weather Capture and Diversion Project

  • Scope of Work: This project will reduce bacteria and other potential pollutants from entering the Monterey Bay Sanctuary by capturing and diverting stormwater flows west of Lovers Point Park. The captured rainwater will be directed into the sanitary sewer system and directed to Monterey One Water for treatment and reuse. To accomplish this goal the project entails:
    • Installation of 2,858 SF of waste water pipes, and
    • Installation of an underground stormwater capture and diversion tank
  • Project Locations Locations: 
    • ​​​​​​​Ocean View Blvd from 15th St to 19th St
    • ​​​​​​​Ocean View Blvd from Sea Palm Ave to Coral Ave
    • Sea Palm Ave from Del Monte Blvd to Ocean View Blvd
    • Del Monte Blvd from Sea Palm Ave to Egan Ave
  • Construction Timeline:  June 2020 - February 2021

​​​​​​​Sewer Collection System Master Plan Projects 3, 4, 5 & 8

  • Scope of Work: This project will allow for vital sewer infrastructure improvements identified in the City's Sewer Collection System Master Plan (CIP projects 3, 4, 5, & 8). Together, the scope of work for these projects include:
    • Replacement/installation of 4,735 ft of waste water pipe
    • Rehabilitation/replacement of 18 manholes
  • Locations: 
    • Carmel Ave from Ocean View Blvd. to Central Ave
    • Carmel Ave from Pine Ave to Junipero Ave
    • 15th St from Pine Ave to Junipero Ave
    • Asilomar Ave from Ocean View Blvd to Arena Ave
    • Easement from Crocker Ave to Grove Acre
    • Crocker Ave from Arena Ave to Sunset Drive
  • Construction Timeline: June 2020 - December 2020

Phase 8 Sewer Infrastructure Improvements

  •  Scope of Work. This project will allow the City to make important sewer infrastructure improvements including:
    • Replacement of 2,078 LF of sewer line
    • Reconstruction of 8 manholes, and
    • Sewer line spot repairs
  • Project Locations: 
    • 13th Street, between Spruce Ave & Junipero Ave
    • 17 Mile Drive, between Sunset Dr & Weldon Grove Pl
    • Bayview Ave, between Lighthouse Ave & 17 Mile Dr
    • Forest Ave at the David Ave intersection
    • Dennett St, between Sinex Ave & Grove Acre Ave
    • Alder St, between Heacock Ave & Short St
  • Timeline: Construction will begin in September 2020 and is anticipated to conclude in November 2020.
  • Parking & Traffic: Construction notices and "No Parking" signs will be posted in advance of construction. Please expect temporary closures and/or detours during construction.

Pine Ave and Eardley Ave Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Project

  • Scope of Work: The proposed modifications will significantly enhance pedestrian safety by creating a pedestrian refuge area, shortening crossing distances, and slowing traffic. The scope of work includes:
    • Construction of a planter center median and crosswalk
    • Construction of 3 curb ramp bulb-outs
    • 46,500 SF of crack and slurry seal
    • New pavement markings
    • Stormwater improvements including construction of 3 catch basins, 1 storm drain manhole, and 150 LF of stormwater pipe
  • Timing:  Construction will begin in November 2020 and is anticipated to conclude in January 2021.
  • Parking & Traffic: Construction notices and "No Parking" signs will be posted in advance of construction. Please expect temporary closures and/or detours during construction.



Public Works Administration provides a variety of specialized office support to the Superintendent of Public Works and the Public, to include IT and web support, reception duties, and program management for current projects and contracts throughout the city. Adminstration for a variety of requests, such as, Tree Permit Applications, Memorial Tree plantings, Memorial Bench request, RFP and BID request and Public Works Records Management System. Interface with the public to provide information regarding the functions, policies, and processes of the Public Works Department; and duties involving public surplus on-line auctions, work order request and other process improvement initiatives.

To submit a comment or report a repair need to the department you can call the Public Works Division at (831) 648-5722 ex: 4200 or send an e-mail directly to Caleb Schneider, Public Works Administrative Technician.

The Buildings and Grounds Division maintains 28 parks, 130 trash/recycling receptacles, two miles of the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, and maintains City owned buildings.

The purpose of the Buildings and Grounds Division is to clean and maintain all of all the city buildings:  City Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, Community Center, Youth Center, Museum, Library, El Carmelo Cemetery, Municipal Golf Links, City Parks, Recreation Trail, and Public Works Department facilities.

Workers are supervised to help maintain the different facilities that the department is responsible for.  Along with maintaining the buildings, other responsibilities involve the landscaping and irrigation around buildings and right-of-ways throughout Pacific Grove including planting flowers and some mowing along with vegetation trimming, and weed abatement.

To submit a comment or report a repair need to the division you can call the Public Works Division at (831) 648-5722 ex: 4211 or send an email directly to Roque Pinheiro, Buildings, Grounds and Cemetery Supervisor. 

The Mechanical Division is responsible for approximately 100 licensed vehicles and over 100 pieces of specialized equipment. The main objective is providing a preventive maintenance program for the City. They are also responsible for performing regular maintenance on all vehicles and equipment including Fire Department apparatus. The department works on electric, gasoline, and diesel power engines, servicing and repairing all stationary AC-DC generators, motorcycles, electric vehicles and parking meter scooters. In addition small to major fabrications are performed, tire maintenance and repair, and all mechanical repairs to vehicles and equipment.

The Mechanical Division is renders services to: Cemetery, Community Development, Fire,  Golf Course, Police, Public Works, Recreation Department and all City owned equipment.

The Mechanical facility is approximately 4,000 square feet. It includes a fabrication room (including welding and related fabrication equipment), and two combination truck/auto lift hoists.

The Mechanical Division meets all State, County, and Local Environmental Laws.


The City of Pacific Grove has a shared responsibility for streetlights, with approximately 600 streetlights owned by PG&E and an additional 250 owned by the City

PG&E Streetlight problems can be reported directly on their website.

To submit a comment or report a Safety or Street Lighting concern you can call the Public Works Division at (831) 648-5722 ex: 4209 or send an e-mail directly to Emilio Alcaraz, Safety and Street Lighting Supervisor.

The Streets Division is an essential part of the Public Works Department, maintaining the City's streets. Annually, approximately 25 tons of cold mix, fifteen tons of hot mix, and 200 (50-lb.) sacks of granite patch are used for potholes. The recycling center receives approximately 900 tons of grindings yearly, of which 600 tons is brought back to Pacific Grove for continued street work.

The division's Sign Shop is responsible for maintaining the city's signs and is capable of producing and installing signs for all city departments and buildings.

Reporting a Hazard: To report your favorite pothole or any urgent Public Works matter, please call the Public Works Department at (831) 648-5722 ex: 4209 or send an e-mail directly to Emilio Alcaraz, Streets and Mechnical Division Supervisor.

Standard Details for Street Improvements