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Environmental Programs

The Environmental Programs division is responsible for implementing local environmental programs and ensuring compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations.

To submit a comment or report a environmental concern please call Public Works Environmental Programs at (831) 648-3188.

Key areas of Environmental Programs include:

Main Water page

California-American Water Company (Cal-Am) supplies water to the residents and businesses of Pacific Grove. While the City does not own or operate the water supply system that serves Pacific Grove’s residents, it is dedicated to protecting natural resources and encouraging sustainable practices.

Water Conservation
Water Utilities
Water Supply Projects

Water Waste Hotline: (831) 658-5653
Water Emergencies
To report a water emergency anytime, please call California American Water at (888) 237-1333.

Green PG Stormwater page
Planning Stormwater Page

The storm sewer system includes the inlets (storm drains) and gutters on street as well as pipes and outfalls, where the stormwater enters the Bay and Ocean. The City implements its NPDES Permit in conjunction with the Monterey Regional Stormwater Management Program in order to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the City. 

Stormwater Regulations 
    State Water Resources Control Board – NPDES Permit Requirements 
    Monterey Regional Stormwater Management Program
Pacific Grove Area of Special Biological Significance
Preventing Water Pollution
Stormwater Information for Businesses

To report illegal dumping to the street, waterways, or the storm drain system, please call the Public Works Department at (831) 648-5722. After hours, call the after-hours emergency number at (831) 648-3143. 

Main Waste Water page

The City of Pacific Grove provides sewer services for residents and commercial businesses. The City owns and operates the sewer collection system consisting of approximately 58 miles of pipeline (which vary in size from 4 to 18 inches in diameter), 900 manholes, and seven pump stations. 

Prop 218 Proposed Sewer Rate Increase

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency
Waste Water Regulation
Preventing Water Pollution 
Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) 

To report a sewer back-up or overflow, please call the Public Works Department at (831) 648-5722. After hours, call the after-hours emergency number at (831) 648-3143.

Main Solid Waste & Recycling page

The City is committed to cleanliness and waste reduction by facilitating trash and recycling collection. To uphold this commitment, the City contracts with a private hauler who provides our residents and commercial businesses with trash, recycling and yard waste collection. 

Pacific Grove Municipal Code Regulations 
Solid Waste and Recycling Information for Businesses
Litter Prevention
Street Sweeping

Main Energy page

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) supplies power to the residents and businesses of Pacific Grove. The City recognizes the importance of planning for future energy needs and reducing dependence on energy sources that harm our community and environment.

Energy Efficiency

Environmental Compliance for other City Projects, including but not limited to environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act.