Face Covering Mandates butterfly

Ensure proper social distancing protocols, hygiene standards, staying at home when sick and proper wearing of personal protective equipment, such as masks and face coverings.

GuidanceOn April 22, 2021 the Monterey County Health Officer terminated the Local Health Officer Order regarding the use of face coverings. 

All members of the public residing in, working in or visiting the County of Monterey are required to follow guidance issued by CDPH regarding the use of face coverings.

CitationsMonterey County has started to issue administrative citations for those not in compliance, and on 8/5/2020 the City of Pacific Grove Council approved an ordinance to enforce mask violations with a $100, $200 or $500 fine.

City of Pacific Grove Ordinance, 8/5/2020
Information on Fines RE. Face Covering Non-Compliance

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