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FY 18/19 Projects

FY 18/19 Projects

The FY18/19 Capital Improvement Plan includes 10 general fund projects, 17 non-general fund projects, and 7 vital equipment purchases. 

The FY18/19 CIP Projects aim to address aging infrastructure, complete required maintenance, enhance safety and protect the environment. 

General Fund Projects

  • Lovers Point Coastal Access Project/Recreation Trail Coastal Access Project
  • Point Pinos Trail Project
  • Pine Ave Safety Project
  • Annual Street Rehabilitation
  • Annual Sidewalk Improvements
  • Stormwater Low Impact Development (LID) Project
  • Trash Enclosures at Fandangos Parking Lot
  • Newspaper Racks in the Downtown Corridor
  • Annual Storm Drain Repairs
  • Library Renewal Project

Non-General Fund Projects:

  • Historic City Hall Department Bathroom
  • City Hall Energy Efficiency Window Tint
  • Congress Avenue Road Rehabilitation
  • Fuel Pump Modernization at Public Works Corporation Yard
  • Paint Eastside Exterior of Chautauqua Hall
  • Pavement Overlay of Circular Driveway at Pt Pinos Lighthouse
  • Library Renewal Project
  • Bathroom at the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Recreation Trail Lighting
  • Cemetery Office at El Camino Cemetery
  • LED Lighting in Sewer Division Workspaces
  • 14th Street Sewer Line Replacement (SCSMP Project #7)
  • Sewer Pump Station Upgrades
  • New Sewer Line for the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Restroom
  • Museum Interior Handrail
  • Museum Paint Upgrades
  • Lovers Point Coastal Access Project/Recreation Trail Coastal Access Project

Capital Outlay
 The vital equipment purchases are included in the Capital Outlay. Historically, equipment purchases have been included as items on the General Fund or Non-General Project List. These items have been extracted and classified as Capital Outlay to distinguish them from actual Capital Improvement or infrastructure projects. 

The FY18/19 Capital Outlay items include:

General Fund Capital Outlay
  • VOIP Phone System
  • IT Teledata Closet
  • PW Replace Abrasive Cleaning Station
  • CEDD Vehicle
Non-General Fund Capital Outlay
  • PD Radios
  • 1-Ton Dump Truck Purchase
  • Vac-Con Truck Replacement

More Information:
The specific funding sources for each individual project or capital outlay item are reflected on the project list, capital outlay list, and the individual project sheets housed in the City's FY18/19 Budget.