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FY 17/18 Projects

FY 17/18 Projects

All FY 17/18 Project Sheets

NEW - Mid Year Status Update FY 2017/18 General Fund Projects
NEW - Mid Year Status Update FY 2017/18 Non-General Fund Projects

Individual Project Sheets:

Street Repairs
Recreation Trail/Coastal Access Project
Pine Avenue Safety
School Zone Signage
Proposed Low Impact Development Stormwater Improvements
Recreation Trail Infrastructure Plan and Upgrades
Lighthouse Avenue Streetscape
Information Technology
Community Center
PD Heating System Upgrade
PD Locker Room and Bathroom Remodel
Document Archive Facility Improvements
Public Works Roofs
Facade Improvement Program
PD Facility Surveillance System
Rain Gutters at PW Yard
Community Center Floor
Public Works Corp Yard Mechanical Building-Lighting Improvements
Construction of Permanent Restroom at Monarch Sanctuary
Public Works Cop Yard Mechanical - Vehicle Lift Replacement
Annual Street Light Pole Inventory Replacement
Streetlights for Safety - select locations within Candy Cane Lane and other neighborhoods
Annual Fleet/Equipment Replacement
Electrical Panel Modernization Public Works Corp Yard
Patrol Vehicle
Replace Fire Station Window Covering and Blinds
Fire Station Carpets Replacement and Cleaning
Fire Station Interior Painting
Police Department Break Room Remodel
Police Department Floor Replacement
Public Works Corp Yard Oil/Grease Separator and Stormwater Improvements
Tennis Court Resurfacing at Community Center
Upgrade 17 Mile Drive Ball Field
Storm Drains
Recreation Trail Lighting
Annual Sidewalk Replacement
Repair Building Leased to Adventures by the Sea (the Seawall "Cave") at Lovers Point
Seawall Construction
Cemetery Office
Cemetery Roof Replacement
Library Renewal Project- Interior Renovation
Fence Replacement Project
Local Water Project
Street Overlays/Street and Sidewalk Assessments to Develop 30 Year Plan
Chamber Audio Visual Improvements
Great Tide Pool Site Construction
Seed Money for Streets Assessments
City Hall, City Manager's Conference Room
Paint Interior Historic City Hall
Sewer Pump Station Upgrades
Sewer Line Replacement