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FY 16/17 Projects

FY 16/17 Projects

All FY 16/17 Project Sheets

Individual Project Sheets:
Library Heater Replacement
Local Water Project
Roof Repairs for the Maintenance Facility and Mausoleums
Chautauqua Hall Repairs and Painting
Library Renewal Project- Interior Renovation
Recreation Trail Lighting
Repair Building Leased to Adventures by the Sea (the “Cave”) at Lovers Point
Annual Sidewalk Replacement
Seawall Construction
Great Tidepool Site Construction
Recreation Trail/Coastal Access Project
Street Asphalt/Crack and Slurry Seal Overlay-RSTP Funds
City Council Chambers Technology Update
Street Asphalt/Crack and Slurry Seal Overlay-Gas Tax
Sewer Line Replacement- Lovers Point Watershed 
Sewer Line Replacement - 17 Mile Drive
Sewer Pump Station Repair
Annual Street Crack Seal, Slurry Seal, Asphalt Overlay-General Fund
Drainage and Storm Drain Repairs - Delmonte and Esplanade
Drainage and Storm Drain Repairs- 15th and Laurel
Storm Drain-Full Capture Devices Installation
Recreation Trail Coastal Access point Project
Update Traffic Signals
Lighthouse Avenue Median Project
Washington Park Playground
Annual Street Light Pole Inventory Replacement
Streetlights for Safety - select locations within Candy Cane Lane and Other Neighborhoods
IBM Server for TracNet
Police Station Exterior Paint
Public Works Administration Office Upgrade and Remodel
Police Station Interior Building Paint
Finance Department Security
Annual Fleet/Equipment Replacement
Police Department Heating System Upgrade
Tennis Court Resurfacing at Community Center
License Plate Readers
Public Works Corp Yard Oil/Grease Separator and Stormwater Improvements
Upgrade Animal Pens and Kennels
Construction of Permanent Restroom at Monarch Sanctuary
Purchase of Police Vehicles
Upgrade Police Department Shooting Range
Lighthouse Avenue Hanging Planters
Upgrade 17 Mile Drive Ball Field