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The City of Pacific Grove's Volunteer Program is designed for people of many skills and interests. As a City of Pacific Grove volunteer, you will have the opportunity to contribute your unique talents and energy toward providing a richer quality of life for your community. You will also meet other community members with similar interests and work with our professional staff who directly provide municipal services.

City government is an extension of the power of local residents. This city belongs to our citizens. Through your involvement, we can all ensure a successful community.

For further assistance, please contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator, Amy Colony at:

(831) 648-5722 x 4202  City of Pacific Grove, 2100 Sunset Drive, CA 93950

The Volunteer Program is a work in progress with the flexibility to expand and change as needs demand. We welcome any and all input regarding services and opportunities for willing volunteers. Please feel free to offer recommendations and/or suggestions to the Volunteer Program Coordinator.



NEW VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY!  Pacific Grove Police Department Chaplain

For more information please review the Chaplain volunteer job description

Volunteer Opportunities

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Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber City Application (PDF or Online)

Hyperbaric Chamber Addendum Application (PDF or Online)


Pt. Pinos Lighthouse

Public Works