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PRESS RELEASE: City Entitlement Water Available for Purchase

May 24, 2019
The City Council has directed the sale of City Entitlement Water for both residential and commercial uses within Pacific Grove. The available water results from the City’s successful implementation of its Local Water Project in 2017, a recycled water plant that allows for the City’s golf course and cemetery to be irrigated with non-potable water.
The City anticipates entitlement water will be available for purchase in early summer 2019, following completion of internal City processes and procedures. City Entitlement Water is priced at $250,000 per acre foot pursuant to the City’s 2019 Fee Schedule, but will be available for purchase at a thirty-percent (30%) discount until December 31, 2020. Increments of City Entitlement Water in less than an acre foot will be available for purchase. In accord with the State Water Control Board’s Cease and Desist Order against California-American Water Company, eligible applicants must have an existing water meter and must not undergo a change in zoning or use. Forty-eight-acre feet of City Entitlement Water is currently available; although 11.5-acre feet is restricted for affordable housing use.
Those with questions regarding eligibility for purchase of City Entitlement Water, including those who are currently on the City of Pacific Grove Water Wait List, should contact the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District ( Once the City is prepared to commence the sale of entitlement water, a public announcement will be made.
Contact: Ben Harvey, City Manager. / 213.364.2699