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Plan Now for Safe Halloween Celebrating

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September 28, 2020

Monterey County Health Department encourages residents to celebrate Halloween safely:

Halloween Guidance 2020
Halloween Guidance 2020 (Spanish)

Big and little ghouls are getting ready to celebrate the spooky season and COVID-19 still circulating, Monterey County Health Department is advising County residents to show their Halloween spirit this year by doubling down on dress-up and decoration and reducing their risk by avoiding trick-or-treating, or big holiday gatherings.

COVID-19 can easily pass from person to person through close contact, and it’s difficult to maintain a safe distance on porches and doorsteps, especially in neighborhoods where trick-or-treating is popular.

Holiday parties involving close contact with people outside the household pose a risk  for catching COVID-19, especially if they involve adult beverages. Even if they begin the evening with masks (costume or otherwise), people tend to relax their physical distancing and remove face coverings when they come together.

When planning for Halloween this year, Monterey County residents can play it safe from COVID-19 by emphasizing the parts of the holiday that do not involve getting too close to other people or sharing of food.

Dressing up in costume can still be fun even if you choose not to go out. A remote costume party by Zoom or Skype can also provide an opportunity to share with friends or family.

Decorating the yard or front of the house helps stage the whole neighborhood for drive-through parades and COVID-19 safe visits from neighbors and families looking for the familiar sights and feel of the holiday.

Monterey County Health Department also encourages County residents to check with their community recreation departments about organized, safe Halloween activities.

Visit the Monterey County Health Department website for more information about the local impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and for health tips to reduce the risk to you and your family.